Welcome to The Coven!

Oh hey!

This tender + dynamic online community formed in 2020 as a container to allow me to go deeper into the principles and practice of Personified Embodiment with the folks who joined. My original intention was to create a space that offered supplemental support alongside my course and my 1:1 facilitation, but The Coven ended up evolving into more than I ever could have imagined or dreamed.

SO MUCH has changed in the past three years, both within this community and in the world around us. Our bodies' needs and desires for gathering online have shifted as our opportunities to connect with other humans and their bodies in real, tangible life have returned.

The Coven is a living community that understands seasonality and surrenders to flow. As such, we are currently in a Wintering season -- gently and quietly exploring what we desire to create and grow together next. What remains is that it is still a deeply sacred space where I can give my time and attention in ways I have chosen to divest from on social media. So if you've enjoyed the kinds of things you've heard me talk about on podcasts or on instagram, you'll love The Coven and the beauty we are building here together.

In our current Wintering season, the magic that myself and other members are creating here together is moving more slowly. Here is where we are currently focusing out resources, attention, and energy:

  • We have monthly community zoom chats every Full Moon! These are the best and most delightful thing we do together! Every month, we gather for a few hours together to talk about our bodies and everything that impacts and affects them -- from the cycles of the moon to the emotions we'd rather not feel. These calls are literal magic that you have to experience directly to truly understand! ✨
  • We share poetry, personal writing, and other art with each other about our journeys with our bodies
  • We offer each other tips, tools, guidance, and support for learning how to listen to and build loving relationship with your body
  • We utilize the posting, commenting, and messaging features to all talk directly about this work together (think, private Facebook group but without the nervous system activation of Facebook)
  • We have member-led workshops + groups about everything from grief to creativity to spirituality where we can all learn and grow alongside one another
  • I share announcements, events, discounts, and offerings here first so that members have first access to everything from group coaching to 1:1 facilitation to workshops + retreats

Come join us in The Coven at whichever membership tier is most accessible for you. You'll get access to all of the same content at every level, so just choose the amount that brings you the most delight!