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I have felt a little bit limited and a lot bit overwhelmed by the way my waitlist for 1:1 embodiment coaching has exploded in the past few years. So I've created The Coven as a membership space where we can all go deeper into the practice of Personified Embodiment together in community! It's a sacred space where I can give my time and attention in ways I can't on social media. So if you've enjoyed the kinds of things you've heard me talk about on podcasts or on instagram, you'll love The Coven!

By joining, you'll get access to all kinds of magic myself and other members are already creating here together:

  • past writings and personal stories about our journeys with our bodies
  • ice breakers, writing prompts, and conversation starters for you and your body
  • tips, tools, and guidance for how to listen to your body
  • posting, commenting, and messaging features where we can ALL talk directly about this work together
  • member-facilitated workshops, support groups, and creative space where we can all learn and grow alongside one another 
  • video insights and invitations into practices to strengthen your connection with your body
  • announcements and events to be the first to find out where you can hear me, see me, or high five me (post-COVID, of course)
  • exclusive access to my Full Moon Coven Calls! These monthly community zoom chats are the space where I share what's going on in the sky and how it had the potential to affect our bodies. They're also the space where members ask questions, share wisdom, and support one another
  • exclusive discounts on all of my offerings and products including my Summer Body merch collection and my brand new ONLINE COURSE, Your Body is a Person!

Come join me in The Coven at whichever membership tier is most accessible for you. You'll get access to all of the same content at every level, so just choose the amount that brings you the most delight!

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